The place where locals and visitors to Valmiera meet

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The restaurant Vecpuisis ( Bachelor ) is a place where you can enjoy contemporary food, we also have the best choice of steaks in Valmiera. This is a place for gourmets and those people who value a great atmosphere.

During the weekdays we offer a special lunchtime menu which also includes vegetarian options.


Book a table in the restaurant and let us know your special requirements so we are able to meet and exceed your requests.



In the drinks menu, you’ll find quality alcoholic beverages, selection of best Latvian brewers’ productions, wines for different tastes and events and refreshing soft drinks.


We have maintained the initial looks of the building and also the formulation of the founders - function as a culture and arts centre that is available for everyone so that the Bachelors' park fulfils the intents of the founders. Our motif is  "Place of joy, peace and rest" consecrated by a clergyman.



Brunch is arranged on the last Sunday of each month. Here guests can treat themselves with a wide choice of dishes and great relaxed atmosphere. It's necessary to book early for this event as it is extremely popular. 



We are a able to offer a wide range of banquet options to suit taste and budget, Let us share our experience to provide you with the most suitable variations for your event.



When eight bachelors in 1914 paid 1000 roubles each to purchase a land in the centre of Valmiera, they wanted that this place is available for everyone, that here the culture life sparkles and people could make appointments here.

Bachelors’ park and pavilion has experienced different time, but not it works just like the eight founders had planned. We have taken care about contemporary interior that would match the ancient ad interesting history of the building.

There are regular concerts and exhibitions in the concert hall located here that gather not only the inhabitants of Valmiera but also the guests.

In the restaurant «Vecpuisis» (Bachelor) you can enjoy food of contemporary interpretation. Here is also the best choice of steaks in Valmiera. This is a place for gourmets and people who value good mood. Our waiters take care of this. They know our history, food, coffee and cakes. This is just as much so that the visit of the restaurant “Bachelor” is a valuable experience for you – our guests.